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“Sauvain has crafted a rich and vivid world filled with magical spells and fantastical creatures that will captivate readers. The story is expertly woven together, with each character adding depth and complexity to the overall narrative without overshadowing the central storyline."
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Book 01

Thaddeus of Beewicke
Available Now

Is life’s pathway set for a person before they are born? Has a soul-changing journey been pre-destined for the Chosen to fulfil? Thaddeus is the first Apprentice of the Master Sorcerer, Silvestrus of Somerset, who was commissioned by a higher power to nurture the boy and seven others, guiding them onto the path of Sorcery immediately upon

their fourteenth year. Thaddeus must fulfill a Prophecy that not only leads to his own self- discovery but holds the future fate of the world in his young hands.

  • Will he summon the will to break away from his familial expectations to seek this higher calling?

  • Will the world of Sorcery survive if he doesn’t?

  • Will he understand and accept why he was chosen for the seemingly unattainable and paradoxical tasks that await him?

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Book 02

Thaddeus and the Master
Available Now

Coming to the College of Sorcery following a harrowing escape, Silvestrus of Somerset’s first apprentice Thaddeus must now bond with his Brothers to discover an evil Master’s treachery before the traitor and his Daemon mentor can destroy the world they know.

  • Will he succeed in securing the Scholar, the Thief, and the Prince to his cause despite their mutual distrust of each other?

  • Will the women of the Ludia choose to side with the young Sorcerers in their moment of dire peril?

  • Will the Golden Pack Leader reveal her true identity in time to thwart the approaching Goblin Horde?

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Book 03

Thaddeus And The Daemon
Available Now

Can a Sorcerer break his Oath-bond to his Brotherhood and shed the very dominance that made him the First in Strength? If he surrenders

his Power, will he then become vulnerable to that same Power?

Thaddeus must now face the wrath of the twisted Master and the Daemon Morag with only the help of a long-dead Spirit to aid him in his struggle.


  • Will he succeed in summoning his Brothers and Sisters before all are turned to stone?

  • Will the warnings of his Master and Asullus the Mule come in time to divert this great tragedy?

  • Will he seek rebirth from the Ancient Ones of the East? And, at what price?

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