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How to Work with Louis Sauvain

Author Louis Sauvain is not only a gifted storyteller, but also a witty and fun speaker.

Bring him to your organization either in-person or Zoom.


For Book Clubs, use his Discussion Questions as a starting point found within the Book

tab on his website: Or, query your members and let

them do the asking, sending him the questions their inquiring minds want answers to.

For Libraries, with over 80% of the population believing that they have a book in

them, Louis would be delighted to lead a discussion on any of his books—their creation:

the storyline; and his unique writing process; the process of creating a multiple book

series; writing fantasy—either general or epic; and how to create a fantasy world.


For Authors and Writers, Louis would be available to lead a discussion on writing

fantasy—either general or epic; how to make a “mark” for the world of book marketing

strategy; and when to use a PEN name.

To check his availability, contact him through his website or directly:


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