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Welcome to the imagination of

Louis Sauvain fantasy author

an imagination that has created a marathon trilogy

for readers who are dedicated to the exalted deeds of Heroes, Sorcerers and the long-forgotten Secrets of the Ancient Seers.


The second trilogy is about to begin. 
If he surrenders 
his Power, will he then become vulnerable to
that same Power?

Thaddeus must now face the wrath of the twisted Master and the Daemon Morag with only the help of a long-dead Spirit to aid him in his struggle.

Thaddeus of Beewicke louis sauvain amazon best seller

Available Stories

Thaddeus is threatened by forces both natural and supernatural . . .  can he survive? Thaddeus, the beekeeper’s son, has his life’s plans in front of him. Silvestrus, the aging sorcerer paints a palette of wonder, promising Thaddeus’ parents that he would learn an honorable trade and be safe as his personal Apprentice. It was an ideal opportunity for young Thaddeus. An opportunity that is beset by beasts, brigands, a Daemon, a black-haired courtesan, the King of the Moths, tree fiends, ghost legions and Greensward Aelvae, not to mention an attempt on his life by the Master Assassin of the Cin.

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   The Stories

Louis Sauvain’s Collegium Sorcerorum series mingles sword and sorcery with the high adventure of epic fantasy to intrigue and delight the young adult and beyond in an ancient world of mythic calling.

When completed, Sauvain’s series will contain nine books spanning the lives of Thaddeus and his seven friends from the School of Sorcery to the challenge of facing and confronting the End of all Days as they know it.

It begins when Silvestrus, a Master of Sorcery, seeks to recruit the young apprentice, Thaddeus. The boy’s quest of self-discovery leads to the realization that he is destined to become a Master himself, learning quickly that the secret to his success is his control over the power of Belief. 

Yet that Belief is a two-sided sword that can spawn his downfall, annul all his domination, and leave him helpless when forced to face a fallen Master of unspeakable evil. An evil that strives for the destruction of the Gods, seeks to overcome and consume all of mankind, and
Serves only the purposes of the Daemons of Hell, itself.


Can Thaddeus survive and prevail? Can the Prophecy bend enough to allow him? 




 Colleguium Sorcerorum series


awaits your judgement.

Louis Sauvain Collegium Sorcerorum
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