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Ye Randy Daemons

Asullus Anguli V ... Asullus’ Corner

Ye Randy Daemons

So, Asullus’ here, fer all ye oldsters an’ wee ones alike as ha’ been writin’ wi’ yer requests an’ demands — some more polite than others — to be informed o’ the most serious an’ needful questions o’ our time.

Today’s query comes to this mule direct from Ravinea o’ the musical Lake Country an’ concerns how is it we ha’ Daemons? An’, the second, how did they go aboot getting’ here?

Well, fair enou’. So, let’s see then. Now as I ha’ heard Master Anders an’ others o’ the Learned say it, it began wi’ A – he bein’ the first, the biggest an’ the greatest o’ all the Daemons put together.

Now, I knows some o’ ye wishin’ to be pesky as now an’ then’ll say, well, where did he come from, this A? An’ what was there afore Him? An’ before that? An’ so on. So, fer those o’ ye inclinin’ toward that thought, know ye, ye’ll no’ hearin’ from me reagrdin’ the likes o’ that Philosophy as I no’ be here to be speculatin’ on the origins an’ debate as to the order o’ appearance o’ chickens or their progeny, don’ ye know.

So, back to our History.

So, there was A at the beginin’, standin’ all tall an’ proud an’ such in the middle o’ all things – but alone. Some o’ the Wise say that may ha’ grated on Him fer this or that reason an’ ‘twas that which caused Him to Act. I’ll no’ argue wi’ that point ‘o view, only to say, who is it can know all the curlicues as goes on in a Daemon’s mind? An’ if there be those o’ ye out there who do know o’ a Daemon’s mind well enou’ to correctly comment on such matters, then I be thinkin’ someone’ll be comin’ fer ye shortly as such as yerself should no’ be allowed to be out an’ freely flittin’ aboot, says I.

In anyways, A was there an’ frettin’ o’er this an’ that, an’ so, after a time, He gets some kind o’ thought or idea an’ a blindin’ sphere o’ light appears in his palm an’ he smacks his hand down and – boom ! – the greatest o’ Daemons there e’er was bursts into countless an’ countless, little teeny, wee small pieces, each one less than an Atomos, as Master Anders says.

An' then, ‘twere that no’ enou, all these little-bitty bits goes headin’ out into the aether in all the directions there are, lickety-split. An, the marvel here, as I understands it, is that each o’ those bits gi’ rise to other Daemons, themselves – that is, his wee ones. Now I, meself, ha’ ne’er heard o’ one givin’ rise to more o’ the same’ just by themselves, but Master Anders says some frogs can do this at times. Do that mean, then, that A is naugh’ but a toad an’ such? Canno’ say this fer sure, but I do be curious concernin’ it.

In any case, each o’ these bits goes flyin’ off, some stoppin’ here an’ some stoppin’ there. An’ as I ha’ it, each o’ these bits remains true to it’s place o’ origin. So those bits o’ A as were muscle remain muscle, and those as was liver, remain liver. Well, it seems that this also applies as to those parts o’ Him as was private, so I be told.

Well, be that as may be, it seems that the piece o’ Him as was responsible fer all o’ this was some o’ the last an’ went an’ landed solidly on our own Terra Firma, as was bein’ carefully tended to at the time by the Lady, Mater Naturae, herself.

Now, I do hear the question o’ how was the Lady here in any case, an’ all I can say is what’s been mine to hear – that is, in some parts o’ all the Heaven’s, A’s influence was stronger than in other parts. So, since he was aboot as evil as evil can be, bein’ the Chief Daemon an’ all, a fair number o’ things became dark as dark is. But, here an’ there, some thinning out o’ his Essence was possible an’ in such places, Good could an’ did prevail. But, bein’ different an’ all, a certain amount o’ tension has always existed ‘twixt and ‘tween the one an’ other such persuasions.

An' this certainly was the case here. The Lady, mindin’ her own business, when she was suddnely an’ unwelcomely set upon by a particular piece o’ Great A, now full o’ his Daemon-kind. Well, as this particular piece o’ Him was o’ a generative nature, as I ha’ said, the Lady, after a bit, found herself in a family way, don’ ye know.

Now, the Lady was none too pleased with his rock slammin’ into her own Earth an’ causin’ such a fuss, no’ to say bringin’ aboot her condition. Her one solace was that the smaller Daemons ridin’ on the Intruder were carried all the way to the inside o’ her planet, where ‘tis rumored to be tortuous hot with volcanoes, melted iron, an’ slag an’ such.

Once there, howe’er, those Daemons trapped inside were tryin’ their best to get out, but the Lady would no’ let them – angry as she be -- in the meantime givin’ birth to four daughters – part hers an’ part Daemon-spawn, ye see. ‘Tis these lasses as went on to become the Intelligentiae, I trow.

Now, as I ha’ heard it, the place where the Daemon rock struck the Earth was in the far east from this place, an’ marked by a Tower o’ all things. An’ this Tower – which meself an’ many others be quite familiar wi’ – was a particularly ugly piece o’ architecture. In the scrolls, it’s described as “a tall, slender, freestanding yellow rod of a tower topped by a bulbous red cap, hideous in appearance.“ I’ll no’ argue wi’ such a paintin’.

Though I ne’er heard anyone say it, it did indeed put me most in mind o’ that part of A as did strike our fair world.

In any case, the Lady an’ her daughters became reconciled o’er time, especially once the Lady changed their forms from Daemon-kind to Maiden-blessed.

So, the Tower sat where it sat till Cin the Cautious and his people stumbled onto it in the early, early days o’ Peoples first goin’ aboot here an’ there. Thereafter, it was called the Cinnian Tower or the Tower of Cin, though many did name it the Tower o’ the East.

So, the Daemons was always tryin’ to break thru to the surface from their infernal an’ oft-too-hot prison at the center o’ things. Now, some say they wanted out because it was so uncomfortable; others that they just desired their freedom as would any folk; and some, that it was their appetites propellin’ ‘em – they wanted to add the good, law-abidin’ citizens livin’ on top o’ this sphere to their diets. Meself, would no’ be surprised to learn that elements o’ all three were in the mix.

O’er the many centuries, then, the Daemons was always plannin’ to burst out while the Lady would ha’ none o’ that – still bein’ irritated wi’ them fer their rude assault on her person. So, she fought to keep them always buried down and they fought to always be let up an’ that’s how it all stood ‘till young Thaddeus came into the world ready to right wrongs an’ set things straight.

Seein’ as how the Eastern Tower was the only outlet the core Daemons had to try to influence the surface dwellers, there has been discussion, e’ery now an’ again, as to whether me Master Thaddeus’ own time in the Tower did unrightly influence him. It’s no’ the kind o’ question, howe’er, most folks be willin’ to ask the most power Sorcerer on the planet, as I, myself, ha’ heard him say time an’ again he do no’ favor talkin’ aboot it.

O’ course, there’s always the time that rascally, roustabout, street-thieving, an’ red-headed no-good, dear Master Rolland, said when asked regardin’ the shape o’ the Tower an’ it’s similarity to certain parts. “Oh, donno’ take it so literally as I, myself, consider the whole conjecture a mere phalacy.” Now, I knows fer certain that that one do consider himself a great wit, in response to which I ha’ let him know I believes he be half-right.

This line o’ thought then do lead me to wonder – what if that part o’ A as came crashin’ into our ball o’ life was, instead, from the gall-bladder an’ such, as opposed to the reproductive area – what then our history? Hmm. Sometimes yer head do spin wi’ such surmizin’.

An’, to answer little Millie as ha’ written, herself, makin’ querries along the same lines, do know, lass, that if ‘tis true as they say it is, that all things we see did flow from the Great Daemon’s blow, then this do explain how it is peoples, o’er time, be fussin’ an’ fightin’ an’ fumin’ wi’ one another an’ doin’ bad things – that darkness bein’ in the Nature o’ the Daemon, imbuin’ his work wi’ his marrow, so to speak. So, as I ha’ said, ‘tis lucky we are there exists some good here an’ there, otherwise what an unhappy place we’d all be in, each an’ e’ery one o’ us.

One last point I’ll be makin’ is that ‘tis the Daemon, himself, who ha’ been, o’er time, givin’ the Ancient Ones their power – just as ‘tis the Lady, herself, who ha’ been doin’ the same fer our Sorcerous ones.

Well, I lied. There do be one more point, an’ that’s the deepest, darkest secret o’ the whole bloody Daemon affair an’ that be as to why there be no lady Ancient Ones while there are most certainly lady Sorcerers? That topic, howe’er, do deserve another page or so to itself an’ be best taken up another time.

Well, me scribe, the soporific Spritae, little Morphia, is needin’ her rest, as any can plainly see, so I’ll be leavin’ all me Gentle Readers until our next get together, don’ ye know.




The Great North Tower, Northfast

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