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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Asullus Anguli VIII ... Asullus’ Corner


So, Asullus here once again, along wi’ trusty an’ sweet Morphia the Spritae, still actin’ as our scribe, fer all ye oldsters an’ wee ones alike as ha’ been writin’ wi’ yer requests an’ demands — some more polite than others — to be informed o’ the most serious an’ needful questions o’ our time an’ tryin’ to bring answers to the queries such as those as reach the Tower o’ the North.

So, today we are talkin’ aboot seein’ into the future from the past, if ye gets me meanin’. An’ our inquiry is from one Iana Mac Garaw, curious aboot a Prophecy mentioned to death in the writin’ o’ the scrolls, but then ne’er seen or explored in the very same.

Well, fair e’nou’. So, let us begin our journey o’ the pursuit o’ – hopefully -- knowledge…

Now, here follows the Prophecy which lovely little Morphia an’ I did filch out from the Imperial Fornian Library that time when there was no one lookin’ to see. An’ while we was undetected so far as I ken, the dusty ol’ document set off in meself a fit o’ sneazin’ that lasted fer the better part o’ the followin’ hour, don’ ye know. In any aboots, here be a faithful representation o’ the said absconded scroll.


2] Harken to me — all ye who have noses, eyes, tongues, ears and skin. I am Pin, Acolyte of the Third Level. I am beneath notice in all things excepting Apocalypsis that came to me unbidden on the Isle. I am now compelled to transcribe this work for all who Know.

3] Know then that the Vision came first to me in the Tower where the Minion of the Greatest and Mightiest spoke to me harshly and commanded me to prophesy to those of the Earth. It spoke at length and, after, was I unknown to myself or others for the span of three days.

4] Then fled I away, to attempt to place meaning to what it was that had occurred. I could find little solace or understanding in that alas, and wandered throughout the land for many years, until at last, in the fullness of Time, I was drawn to the Point, as it is so named. There I made an abode and, following a fortnight of fasting and meditation, Faerrae came to me and shared with me. And then on the night of the wolf’s full moon, the Lady, herself, came to me and shared with me.

5] And I saw and I understood. I knew, then, what the Greatest and Mightiest had said and there was reason there. And, I knew, then, what the Lady intended and found reason there as well. And both became one in my mind and in my heart. And I was bidden to write down all that I had heard and make of it a Prophecy, so that those who come after could grasp the ungraspable. They would know the signs and the signals and the symptoms. And they would know of the needful Choice and of its import.

6] My duty is now, betimes, done and I am promised rest and I seek this gladly and with great joy. The burden has been heavy and the way long and stony.

7] Thus, harken, all to these words. Harken.

8] Those once free, faced the Void and ventured thither. Then came She who bound them and cast them down into the Fiery Pit. But know that they will once more regain their freedom and all will treat with Minions equally. Thus saith the Bound.

9] Those who would oppose the Bound and deny them their Freedom do so fearing Their deceit and hunger.

10] Breaking the Bonding requires the One. Find Him, discover Him, reveal to Him his Duty. In this, the Teacher, His Guide, shall be requisite.

11] To find Him, search ye far and wide in fields of Honey. And there will be Four and He, the greatest of them. But the Old One will oppose Him and he will surely strive to do harm to all who seek His righteous destiny.

12] Persuade Him, beguile Him. If ye canst not, though, then seek His destruction, lest all who remain are Constrained and remain in Desolation forever.

13] To oppose what is Foretold, shall arise the Star of the Eight Points — those that are Major and those that are Minor. And from the Major, the Four Winds. And each of the Four will his wind choose. He who is sought will the One be, set above all others, who His counselors will be.

14] And from the One shall come the Minor — the Four Lesser Winds -- for without them, nothing. And ye will know them by their worldly form — the flower, the insect, the serpent, the beast — who, indeed, can encompass them all, in tomorrow’s song today?

15] Then shall the Eight, though not the Eight — for the gentle Minions shall join the Others and become fierce and without remorse — ride together and then shall all be determined.

16] For to the East shall the Greatest and Mightiest look and receive the Family, and from them shall One sprig arise to oppose the One. And they shall strive together, the One against the Other — the One with the Millions and the One with the Eight, only.

17] And who, indeed, can encompass them all, in tomorrow’s song today?

18] Thus was I bidden to write, and thus have I fulfilled my Duty.

19] Ave.

Well, that do be a plateful, do it no’? So, let us be aboot our business, then.

1] So, ‘tis a Prophecy. Well, ‘tis good to be named so. Canno’ tell ye how many times Morphia an’ I ha’ dug into some untitled an’ crumbly scrolls as ha’ the look o’ all importance only to find on page three, they was instructions concernin’ the plumbin’ o’ yer private matters at yer villa.

2] Well, ‘tis his authorship, ‘Pin’ o’ no importance, writin’ this missive an’ his false modesty showin’ a bit, ‘ceptin’ he’s now been charged with an earthshakin’ task, all out o’ the blue. Also, what ‘Isle’, I ha’ no idea.

3] Sounds to me as he found himself in the ol’ Tower o’ the East, back when it was stuck in Cinoton. Also, sounds like he had Morad or one o’ his ilk on aboot him, then experiencin’ a faintin’ spell afterwards.

4] So, now he be runnin’ away from his Destiny. Fat lot o’ good that usually do fer one. Seems like Pin got himself to Faerrae’s Pointe, which be an achievement in itself. The Pointe is known mainly in the Legends an’ Myth sections o’ the Library an’ is supposed to be the exact spot where the Aelvae first showed themselves on this here globe. An’ ‘tis said it will be the last spot where they be at their end. So, it do ha’ some relevance concernin’ it, though no’ e’ery person there is who can find it – or, p’rhaps is allowed to find it. Well, now, in any case, ha’in’ the Faerrae track him down do be quite the honor as well. An’ the Lady, herself, too. Well, the lad seems to be more important than his writin’ is indicatin’ in its art so far.

5] Hmm. I would take this to mean that he had a word with Daemon-kind an’ their view o’ things, an’ then heard the Lady out as well. An’ we’re ha’in’ some sort o’ back an’ forth judgin’ goin’ on then. Puts me in mind o’ that fancy word I ha’ heard young Anders use from time to time – ambivalent. In fact, I asked him once did he e’er ha’ a feelin’ o’ being ambivalent, an’ he told me, “Well, yes and no.”

6] All right. The man were used, abused an’ cast off, as happens now an’ again when one is dealin’ wi’ the Mighty.

7] So, we’re to listen. So, we’re listenin’. Just get on wi’ it, lad.

8] I’m thinkin’ here he’s talkin’ aboot the Daemons as were on Bellano, sister to Mars, as it hit the Earth, the debris then creatin’ ol’ Luna, an’ their momentum, as it were, conveyin’ all o’ Daemon-kind to the center o’ ol’ Terra. The Daemons no’ like it an’ fore’er do want out. Well, since that’s what e’eryone says is so, so we’re all in agreement so far.

9] An’ so, coninuin’ on the discussion, we got ourselves two sides – ones as is in favor o’ the Daemons remainin’ in duress at the center o’ the Earth an’ ones as is opposed -- each fer their various own reasons.

10] Hmm. No’ so sure here, but methinks this be referencin’ our lad, Thaddeus, an’ Master Silvestrus.

11] Now here, I’m assumin’ he be talkin’ aboot Masters Thaddeus, Anders, Rolland an’ Zoarr. As to the Old One, that could be Morad or his son or grandson, p’rhaps, or some Power abo’e the three, or Soh-Nahk as was the Emperor o’ the Cin, or some other. No’ so sure.

12] So, they’re feelin’ Thaddeus must be the one to lead the fight or, if no’, then do away wi’ him entire, lest he fall to the Enemy’s teachin’s. I sees the point but I ha’ strong objections as to the remedy.

13] Now this has to be the eight-pointed compass, Circuitus Octipes Magnus, the major points o’ which are N, E, W, S an’ the minor points o’ which are NE, SE, SW an’ NW. An’ o’ them all, N is to be first among equals, as they say. Pretty sure on this one.

14] This here be to do wi’ that Merriwhiddle business, I’m thinkin’. The four minor points was originally to come from a diverse mix – some involvin’ the tree hag an’ Master Silvestrus, himself. But when that all got burnt up, then it fell to our Thaddeus to be partnerin’ wi’ four – the flower, or white rose; the insect, or the blue butterfly; the serpent, or the green dragon; an’ the beast, or the wolf/golden dog/etc.

An’ these ladies, as we now know, were to be our poor Ethne, Queen Caerulea, Queen Mari and the Goddess Luperca in that order-ment. Quite a crew there, I’d say. An’ then there’s some poetry at the end.

15] Here, I’m thinkin’ this ha’ to do wi’ the Battle o’ the Linden Trees when the eight – that’d be, Thaddeus & Marsia, Anders & Nannsi, Rolland & Sonnia and Zoarr & Molly – did ride together an’ gi’ the bad ‘uns worse than a pot o’ dog poo on fire.

16] So, here, Master Pin be talkin’ aboot Emperor Soh-Nahk an’ his two million man army comin’ right up again’ Master Thaddeus and his seven companions. Something along those lines, I’m thinkin’.

17] More poetry. The man’s a spinner, must gi’ him that.

18] Ah, ye did what ye were told to do. Good boy.

19] An, farewell to ye as well, ancient Pin. Requiescet In Pace.

So, there be the Prophesy along wi’ me interpretation. Hope this has helped. An’ donna ye forget, ha’ ye any further questions regardin’ all this material, ye’ll be pleased to be keepin’ it to yerself, I’m prayin’. Just ha’in’ sport here wi’ ye.




The Great North Tower, Northfast

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