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Image by Mark Tegethoff

Find Your Magical Creature


Tree Feind.jpeg

Flesh-loving, pyrophobic, grumpy, drinks wine, knows stuff

Beware meeting your match.  There, really, is little reason for people to like you, so you must ask yourself, why do you try?  The best word of the month for your sign:  gnarly.  A distant relative, calling himself Cousin Stumpy, will soon approach you seeking to ask for money.

Tree Feind

Tree Feind

Louis Sauvain-08.png

Granum - Grain

You enjoy morning-times more than most.  Your greatest challenge is whether to have raisons or no raisons.  Kind, considerate, you may find yourself drawn to the question of the existence, or not, of yearly cycles. . .

Granum (Grain)     Amber-waved, tasty, annual, nutritious, starchy. You will be assailed from time to time for your possible role in the destruction of the entire Hunter-Gatherer Society, leading to the subsequent weakening of the whole species.  It’s all on you.  (See below for what to do if your house is stoned.)  Otherwise, you love babies.

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