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Image by Mark Tegethoff

Find Your Magical Creature



Mischievous, graceful, whimsical, disappearing, brewing.

You enjoy fetching things for others.  Actually you don’t, but you haven’t the nerve to
tell them so
.  Sometimes, you feel bubbly, even effervescent and desire ice.  When not distracted by the many demands of life, people are occasionally drawn to you.  You would like to be steadfast, but you are always a little flighty.



Louis Sauvain-08.png

Aries - Ram

Due to warming tendencies, you appear torpid and drowsy because of the annual expansion of your peripheral vasculature.  This is called Spring Fever and is valid unless you live somewhere else on the planet.  You likely consider planting and fertilizing without giving any thought to consequences. . .

Aries (Ram)   Elevated, senior, multiple-partnering, sport-playing, courting. You tend to suffer from migraine headaches associated with continual head-butting.  You have a tendency to believe old tales and have often thought of booking passage to the Colchis.  You often ask others to shave your back.

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