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Image by Mark Tegethoff

Find Your Magical Creature



Environmentally ambivalent, slimy, cold, soft, retiring

You prefer a roof over your head, though in your case it may be a rock or a log.  You often are able to replace parts of you that go missing.  Regarding water: should I stay, should I go, I don’t know, I don’t know.  The experience of touching your skin is bit of an acquired taste.



Louis Sauvain-08.png

Asinus - Ass

It is said several female aspirations are comfortably at home in your sign.  You often find yourself debating the question of the relative value of Experience vs Purity or Lack of Bias vs Ignorance.  Good luck.  Oddly, the results of several runs of The Tarot most commonly and convincingly associate two random words with your sign:  “Monkey Beans.”  ???  We don’t know.

Asinus (Ass)  Smart, blended family, gentle, docile, not easily swayable. Depending on observer, you are thought, at times, to be either too small or too large.  Sturdy and loyal, you sometimes wander out of your variety into another variety.  How did you get to be a swear word?  Strong, but not fast, especially.  But that’s all right. . .

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