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Image by Mark Tegethoff

Find Your Magical Creature



Hypo-aesthetic, aerodynamic, punishing, clawed, feathered

You have a unique role to play in marital relationships or, office organizational structure.  Take time today to visit a manicurist.  You’ll be glad.  Also, you may wish to invest in some wrinkle cream.  Saved remiges will make for a good pillow.



Louis Sauvain-08.png

Aquilae - Eagle

King of Gods or, at least, his assistant.  You have a strong interest in Animal Husbandry.  You may find that you are not pleased with your own physical appearance and seek, periodically, to change it in certain situations possibly involving maidens and the like.  Consider Body Dysmorphic Disorder counseling.

Aquilae (Eagle)   Staunch, giving hope, foresighted, tenacious, patriotic. Handsome by any standard, and often on display on posters and the coinage.  However, do not assume that everyone is always pleased to continually see between your legs.  Rumored to be supporter of unequal fights.

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