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Image by Mark Tegethoff

Find Your Magical Creature



Big, large, massive, not-too-bright, flatulent

Impervious to most social criticism.  Predilection for garments made from hides.  Often late for mani-and pedicures.  Say what you want.  Do what you want.  Nuts to everybody.  If uncomfortable in social settings offer the beginning line, “So, a Bull, a Pixie and a Giant go into a bar and…”



Louis Sauvain-08.png

Taurus - Bull

Flowers in your hair; flowers everywhere.  You tend to go blissfully astray.  Pollenous, allergic, anaphylactic, near-death-experiencing.  Fun. . . 

Taurus (Bull) Determined, consistent, strong, milky, avoids grilling. You are steadfast and loyal because your inbred lumbering momentum makes it difficult for you to change direction easily.  Beware nose rings.  You become sensitive when people talk about your brand.  People don’t mind feeding you, for some reason.

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