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Merry Muletide II

Asullus Anguli ... (Asullus’ Corner)

Merry Muletide II

Good day to all Gentle Readers ! ‘Tis Asullus, yer old an’ trusty gray Mule, an’ the steadfast Spritae, Morphia the Scribe, bringin’ to yer Seasonal Greetin’s as we closes out this old year.

‘Twas a troublesome time from me perspective, so, grateful I am fer this space o’ peace.

‘Course I’m obliged to say let no one o’ ye subscribe all the hub-bub an’ foolishness o’ this endin’ year to Muledom, now – ‘tis strictly man’s doin’ if ye take me meanin’. But that aside, best wishes ye ha’ from this ole hay-burner an’ on into the new year commin’.

So, let’s see what’s what.

Now, accordin’ to the writin’s, there be three sets o’ adventures we ha’ been livin’ through these past few years. To wit, how me old Master, Silvestrus did pry me new Master, the lad, Thaddeus, out o’ his back-water hidey-hole an’ drag him off kickin’ an’ screamin’ to the Sorcerer’s School.

Now, I must admit to aidin’ an’ abettin’ in this enterprise, but ‘twas only fer the best o’ reasons an’ the lad’s general welfare an’ such.

But gettin’ him there in one piece – whoosh ! There was some effort spent in that direction, don’ ye know. But he met some friends – good friends as all turned out – along the way an’, I’m thinkin’ especially o’ his lady love fer life. O’ course, that was after havin’ passin’ acquaintance wi’ certain other lovelies, but ‘twas no’ the lad’s fault – he was just followin’ Prophecy, ye see. An’ that’s probably as good an excuse as one could expect these days, all things bein’ considered.

So, once at the College, a whole lot o’ thinkin’ work to be done, strivin’ towards makin’ a useful Magicks’ worker out o’ oneself. An’ learnin’ things aboot himself an’ aboot others, all under his Master’s watchful eye an’ such. An, not to mention a handful o’ adventures in between that, luckily, turned out fer the best, in part due to the particular assistance o’ one o’ the brighter four-footed candles in his group (ahem).

Now, then, the third part o’ the story to that point do relate to how best to deal wi’ a Master whose gone o’er to the Other side wi’ the help o’ Daemon-kind, o’ all things. Some times, they say, great decisions requires great sacrifices.

Now, then, at the end o’ things, me young laddie looks like he’s fallen on hard times, possibly losin’ something near an’ dear, as they says.

But, those as love the boy seem to care not a whit about all that, but say it’s he that they care aboot, no’ some sort o’ parlor tricks me can do.

So, the stage is set in these next three massive scrolls fer him to go East an’ see what’s there to be seen. Part o’ this, to me own mind, seems to harken to Destiny, but part to his naggin’ feelin’ that his true love may or may no’ be so acceptin’ o’ his courtin’ should he be showin’ up wi’ nothin’ to offer in terms o’ Magicks an’ such.

Here, howe’er, I must disagree wi’ the lad. To me own mind there be no way in Hea’en or the Other Place that that Lady’ll forsake her Hero, poet nor peasant be he. But, well, he was always a stubborn lad, truth’s said, an’ tends to follow his own ideas ‘bout things in spite o’ o’erwhelming testimony an’ evidence that his position be full o’ beans. Youth – hrumph.

In any case, this is what, in part, ye Gentle Readers ha’ to look forward to in the next period o’ time. Me own humble opinion is that what’s comin’ is e’en more into mysteries an’ excitin’ an’ dangerous situations than ha’ e’er come before. O’ course, whate’er may come, he’ll no doubt ha’ his sturdy an’ steadfast mule beside him to guide an’ protect him as best as is possible considin’ the amount o’ doo-doo he’s likely to get himself into, don’ ye know.

That said, ‘tis time to put aside all this likely unnecessary writin’ to wish each an’ e’ery one o’ ye the best o’ Muletide Seasons !

Next time we’ll return to our usual form o’ discourse, but until then…




The Great North Tower, Northfast

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