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  • Louis Sauvain

Meet Asullus, the Glue that Binds All

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Meet Asullus, the Glue that Binds All

So, Gentle Readers, blogs concerning the book and book materials appear weekly, both here and on the website: starting this day forward.

For fun, these pieces will be presented by our good friend, the wise, sentient and lady-interested mule, Asullus—late of Cobbly Knob. He’s a cheeky kind of mule, full of opinions and not shy when it comes to saying what he thinks.

He’s not the honey of Beewicke ... he’s the glue.

Now, our old gray mule, born in the Year of the Great Comet, was originally the chattel of Lady Lilith, a witching woman. As it turns out, that one apparently has a bit of a mysterious relationship with the Master Sorcerer, Silvestrus. So, back in the day when he visited her seeking a reliable means of transportation as well as companionship, Lilith suggested he recruit Asullus.

Asullus, one should know, was not born verbal ... vocal, yes, verbal no. His capacity for speech was the result of a powerful and arcane enchantment laid upon him by his Mistress Lilith. Her purpose in doing so has been described as ‘obscure’, though Asullus was pleased with the outcome—the capacity to communicate. That is, along with other, unintended consequences with which the Mule remains equally pleased.

His character also serves as a kind of glue to bind all the other characters together throughout the nine books that make up the Collegium Sorcerorum narrative series.

Now when Asullus is not beguiling—or, at least, attempting to beguile—one of the excellent mares of the Brightfield Manor stables, he is seeking, of course, examples of the always desirable fruit of the red type—apples! He is known to stoop to accepting these bribes as payment to engage in acts of questionable and unprincipled behavior in order to obtain such treats. But then, he tends to be rather casual in his regard for such stringent cultural rigidity in any case, the truth of which he will frequently acknowledge just with a shake of his mane.

Though not a magical creature per se, he has, clearly, been touched by magic and, so, has both a certain affinity for the practice thereof, as well as a non-inferior resistance to its effects. He also possesses a fair portion of physical strength and agility as exemplified by his capacity to, with a whip of his head and neck, unencumber himself from his halter so as to better address whatever threat seeks to assail him.

Otherwise, he is a wise and benign old soul who is especially taken to providing guidance and good advice to those least likely to take or heed it—i.e., young teenagers, n’est ce pas?

A retired physician, Louis Sauvain is deep into writing epic fantasy in the College of Sorcerers series. Thaddeus of Beewicke was published in 2022. Thaddeus and the Master will be available in December of 2022. His books have become an allaying salve for pain, relief and escapism to abandon, for the moment, this world and embrace, for a time, another. Sometimes his words and stories are for him … and always, for those who are just looking for a worthwhile read.

Born and bred in the Midwest, he calls Wisconsin home. His reveal: Most of his ideas come to him the shower when he asks his characters, “Okay, where are you going to take me today?”

His challenge becomes … how to bring YOU … his readers … along so

that you, too, can enjoy his path to completing each book’s storyline. To

Louis, that’s gold.

PS — just look for this mulish pic and words of wisdom will follow in in Asullus Anguli (Asullus’ Corner)…


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