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  • Louis Sauvain

Apple O’ Jizze

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I choose here to interrupt the wise and soul-felt declamations of Asullus our old, gray Mule to find a way to acknowledge both personal sorrow and responsibility.

The matter concerns the confusion and frustration some have experienced when searching out material concerning our Hero, Thaddeus, originally of Beewicke.

From what I am told, far too many, when entering his name on the internet, and expecting, then, to find the book (or, series of books, really) find, instead, odd titles or, in extremis, a notice of doom – “Sorry, we can’t find that page.”

So, here’s the scoop…

Back in the day when the story was first being born, it was thought to title the work, the Collegium Sorcerorum series, meaning the College of Sorcerers. Of course, as our faithful mule has already pointed out in our Asullus Anguli VII ‘Watch Your Tongue’ blog (quod vide), this is a false title meaning only College of Sorcers (whatever they are) – but that story has already been discussed in the referenced document and need not be repeated here.

In any case, at the time, it seemed like it would be good to place the series title in each of the book titles. So, for example, you’d have ‘Collegium Sorcerorum: Thaddeus of Beewicke’, ‘Collegium Sorcerorum: Thaddeus and the Master’, ‘Collegium Sorcerorum: Thaddeus and the Daemon’, and so forth for all nine books.

Well, around that time distractions interrupted and it was some time before useful interest in the series was able to again surface (2021).

The series, then, was completely re-edited, re-vamped and re-furbished and finally made the presses in June 2022, all with shortened titles: Collegium Sorcerorum being dropped from each of them and the secondary title becoming the primary one.

However, it was soon evident that the CS title-ing had persisted, refusing to be extinguished, even on Amazon, though most of the old books were listed as ‘Out of Print’ or ‘Unavailable’. I asked Amazon to take these titles down, which they did. They, however, warned me they could do nothing for third-party sellers on their site. And, as it turns out, there were some. One literary entrepreneur, in fact, was offering old volume three for $220 ! Hmm. Now if that had just been the price back then…

So, we come to the present unhappy situation where someone who might be seeking one of the examples of the new edition using the correct and current book title might find themselves shunted off to an old title site or told ‘forghedaboudit’.

For some, in fact, the only good way to access books has either been to go to the CS Website at <> or go to Amazon, or like purveyer, directly and type in the title.

So, for confusion and failed success in taking down old site, I apple-o jizze.

Otherwise, be good and be well and we’ll see you next time.

Postscriptum For completeness sake, however, I will add that any of you who still stubbornly insist on paying $220 each for the old books, I do, myself, yet have some in stock…


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